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The Problem

* Crawl Sewage Flood

* Water Damage Repair

* Flood/Water extraction

* Mold Remediation

Water damage is a serious issue. Even the smallest delay in water damage repair will cause more damage at a higher financial cost.  Water damage has an invasive nature and results in other problems like MILDEW, MOLD, and ROT.

The Solution

* 24/7 Emergency Live Response

* Save up to $500

* Affordable Water Damage Repair Service

* FREE on Site Estimates

* We Bill Your Insurance

How it Works

Water damage may result from something as small as an ice maker line cracking, indoor plumbing, hose breaks and water tanks bursting.

It requires a simple restoration procedure which starts from inspection and assessment and later, water extraction.  As every water damage restoration procedure, it needs constant restoration, carpet removal, drying mold treatment, sewage crawl clean up and de-humidification.


Emergency Water Damage Restoration

When a water emergency strikes, you need help fast. The professional water damage restoration specialists at ER1 Services 24/7/365 have years of experience helping property owners fix water damage issues quickly and correctly. We understand that water damage emergencies are impossible to predict, which is why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with your water damage problem in the Fontana, California and the Duarte, California.

It's important to act quickly when your home or business is affected by severe water damage from a flood or other major water issue. The faster you take action, the more likely you may be to prevent even further damage. Our team will quickly come to your property to assess the situation and develop a solution to minimize the long term damage to your property.

Whether you experience a major bathroom flood in the middle of the night or you wake up to find the washer has leaked all over the kitchen floor, ER1 Services 24/7/365 is there for you. We have team members standing by to assist you any time, day or night.

If you're a property owner who has experienced a flood or other water disaster, call  

(626) 665-2255 or email us at  now for immediate assistance with your water damage issue.


24 Hour Emergency Water Restoration Service

Water Extraction and Drying

Water Extraction and Drying

Water Extraction and Drying


 When you’re face-to-face with a water damage emergency, every second counts. You are literally on the clock, as water damage will worsen within 24 to 48 hours. 

Sewage Clean Up

Water Extraction and Drying

Water Extraction and Drying


 By that time, mold and mildew will have begun to grow and spread throughout your property. Something has to give. You need 24/7 emergency water removal.

Water Damage Restoration

Water Extraction and Drying

Fire Damage Repair Services


 Using the most advanced restoration equipment available in the field, our IICRC-certified restoration technicians are adept at cleaning water damage fast. For water removal, we use wet vacuums, pumps and industrial-grade fans to aid us in the process. 

Fire Damage Repair Services

We Deal With Your Insurance Company

Fire Damage Repair Services


 Do not hesitate to reach out, as we can send a team straight to your doorstep within an hour of your call. Before you know it, you’ll have the relief you need in the face of immense property damage. 

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

We Deal With Your Insurance Company

We Deal With Your Insurance Company


 To properly deal with water damage, we have a thorough restoration and cleanup process in place. The emergency water removal process involves:

  • Emergency Contact
  • Assessment
  • Mitigation
  • Cleanup and Sanitization
  • Restoration

We Deal With Your Insurance Company

We Deal With Your Insurance Company

We Deal With Your Insurance Company


 We are experienced in working with insurance companies and know how to help you make sure you get the coverage you paid for! 

We will handle all paperwork.

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24 Hour Emergency Water Restoration